Action plan


At ERDRE CONSEIL, we believe that the growth of SMEs is a matter of will and method. It is above all based on a formalized strategy that resembles its leader, based on a global and systematic approach of all growth levers. For us: the success or failure of SME/SMIs is not only explained by the economic situation, household morale or the price of raw materials… It is the result of the teams’ actions, their choices and their willingness to move forward!


our principles

Giving customers a memorable experience makes them loyal and turns them into the most effective prescribers. First of all, it is necessary to define the experience that the company wants its customers to live (desired experience), by being part of a logic of differentiation, it leads to rethinking its value proposition (business model). It is necessary to help shape the experience expected by customers and refers to the value architecture (how to act to deliver the desired experience). In order to be sustainable, the experience-based business model must enable the company to generate a positive profit equation, ensuring its profitability.


Our tools

How do we see our internal environment?

  • Sales strategy
  • Sales process
  • Sales Support
  • Behavior of sales teams
  • Competencies of sales representatives
  • Business and corporate culture

How do we see our customers?

  • Sales situation

The results we deliver?

  • Market share
  • Revenues
  • Profits and margins
  • New products
  • Key accounts
  • Expecting targets

What we do in our daily work environment

  • Client survey
  • Organizational structure
  • Sales force development
  • Sales target
  • Sales arguments

They trust us