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ERDRE CONSEIL relies on the diversity of its missions to bring you through the different stages its know-how and its know-how. First of all by carrying out an audit of the existing situation, because very often an outside eye allows you to see things differently. Then, an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the company; as well as the identification of threats and opportunities in the sector. And finally, through the search for the best successes, will allow the appropriate strategy to be established with all stakeholders. Growth is a team effort!


our approach

How do some companies excel in their development? Can their practices for success be replicated? Is it a question of strategy, processes, structures or people? How can we explain the development of one organization, one company, compared to another, whatever its size, sector of activity, geographical location and/or economic situation?

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Manufacturer of equipment and liquids for electronic cigarettes, based in Nantes. Since 2017, ERDRE CONSEIL has been providing us with effective support, both in B2B and B2C. The team has been attentive to our problems and has been able to implement a tailor-made and sustainable strategy for our company, which has enabled us to increase our turnover by more than 3 times.

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