The project belongs to Men... The coach is only a guide...


ERDRE CONSEIL was born under the impetus of Thierry PLACE – an EXECUTIVE MBA graduate from the AUDENCIA school in Nantes. “After a career in management and management positions in companies of very different sizes and activities (Sports Clubs, Decathlon, France Loisirs, Fujifilm, ATP Solar, Eismann), I wanted to share this diversity of sector-based approaches with my clients. I don’t want to specialise in one sector rather than another, but on the contrary, I want to enrich my contacts with a variety of problems, in order to succeed, together, with a broader vision”. Keeping the sporting spirit which animated him, Thierry PLACE makes his own, a speech by Claude ONESTA – National Technical Director of the French Handball Team – Freedom, Autonomy and Responsibility:

“The project belongs to Men. They are the ones who make it a success or a failure. The coach is only a guide, but I remain convinced that by giving responsibility to the players, we give ourselves the means to win.”

our network

ERDRE CONSEIL also uses the skills of specialists, mainly from Nantes – in law, communication, HR management, etc. – in order to provide all its clients with the best possible results.


Our values


We speak the truth and do what we promise to do. We do not make commitments we cannot keep. We communicate potential problems, as soon as we become aware of them, to the people concerned, so that we can do our utmost to resolve disagreements.


100% committed in everything we do, always respecting the vision, mission, objectives and rules leading to our clients’ success. We are fully accountable for our actions and results. We are committed to them so that the objectives are achieved.


We have a generous approach to life. We are fully rewarded to the extent that we have also created wealth for others, and we accept that this is only reflected in our lives in terms of our commitments and achievements.

They trust us