It is essential to overcome one’s difficulties, to change one’s outlook… and to admit that it doesn’t stop there. This is the very essence of complex situations, which involve so many components and interactions that a great deal of uncertainty has to be accepted. In order to cope with this, we advocate an attitude of humility. It is from there that forms of intelligence will develop that will soften the situation and make you pass between the drops… knowing that it will always rain. We must then immediately determine, by sector of activity, which one carries the company, which one weakens it. The support of the manager allows to identify the recurring elements which, in turn, call into question the sustainability of the company. Turnover must not deteriorate on a recurring basis.


At ERDRE CONSEIL we don’t talk about coaching, we talk about mentoring. Far from coaching or expert advice, entrepreneurial mentoring is seen as a unique support system, in which listening and sharing are key to the success of the relationship. It is a real sharing of experiences between peers, with the desire to build a relationship of trust and questioning. The good mentor is not the one who has all the answers, but the one who has the right questions, who participates in structuring the reflection. It means challenging oneself on one’s own practices by questioning oneself… Being a mentor is the most irrational thing in business, not being part of the solution. There is no typical method. It’s all based on the relationship we build with the mentee. It is intimately linked to his or her personality, in a relationship of equals, in a healthy and shared relationship.


78% of French people want to change their life, dream of other things: a new job, a more intense life, being more in harmony with their aspirations, abilities and possibilities, etc… But are all these changes desirable? Does radicality provide a solution(s)? We have often heard these questions at ERDRE CONSEIL. Therefore, in full collaboration with Gilles CHAUVEAU and his consulting firm “TOP DECISION-MAKERS”, we have chosen to implement and propose the TOP method – Techniques for Optimizing Potential – to executives and managers in order to meet specific objectives: – To provide them with the means to manage their stress, both in their daily professional and personal life. – Provide practical, operational and pragmatic tools, complementing their know-how in other areas. In the end, through an initial training course, to understand a method on the themes of preparation for action, recovery, stress, fatigue and motivation management. This method has been tested and validated by the military and gendarmes in the exercise of their missions. And who have integrated it into their preparation programme. It is not a question of turning everything upside down in our different lives (professional and personal). But to apply small, quick actions to be implemented on a daily basis, opening up a wider range of possibilities.

They trust us